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Soils | Seed | Harvesting | Strategic Potato Production Advice | Storage

Simon has made agriculture his career. His early experience included working on an arable farm followed by a 2 ½ year period in vegetable and salad production in Lincolnshire. For the last 23 years Simon has been involved in the potato industry, gaining extensive insight into the process of raw material procurement with on farm strategic agronomy; through the factory process and delivery to the customer. In addition to sourcing raw material from the UK Simon has been involved with selection overseas predominantly in Spain, France, Israel and Egypt. Setting up SDF Agriculture in 2015 to offer his expertise to others has consolidated Simon's ambition to yet further his career in agriculture.

Services includes:

  • Selecting seed stock

  • Seed procurement

  • Strategic and in-field agronomy

  • Harvesting advice

  • Crop assessment (pre and post harvest)

  • Store management including sprout suppressant decisions

  • Assistance with marketing

  • On-farm auditing

Simon's expertise in agriculture is wide and this in not an exhaustive list of services. If you would like advice on a topic not mentioned above please contact Simon. 

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